Videos for Cats: what types of videos do cats enjoy?

Videos for Cats

Videos for cats

We recently published an article about music for cats and the science behind it. We now give you videos for cats. Not only can cats listen to and enjoy music made exclusively for them, they can also make sense of figures moving on a screen. This might not come as much of a surprise to you since you have probably seen your cat run after that squirrel on the TV.

What types of videos do cats enjoy?

Simply put, cats enjoy videos where small animals are moving about. This includes rabbits, squirrels, birds, or even other cats.

Most breeds of cats are playful. The best way to entertaining cats is with any object that rapidly moves to and fro. Take a colorful thread and you will have your cat be entertained. Cats are always alert and any sudden movement will make them get up their spot.

This is why most videos for cats include birds and chipmunks. These are usually pretty quick animals that swiftly move in and out of the screen. However, it can happen with any animal that appears to be moving in and out of the screen.

Testimonies of cat owners include cats loving watching shows about crows. Others have mentioned how their cat loves a commercial about a bug moving from corner to corner on the screen. As long as it moves, animals in videos for cats will keep your cat on the screen.

What is my pet really looking at?

Cats, due to their specialized vision are better at perceiving depth and distances than us. The type of definition they see is almost as good as ours. They actually have better night vision than us or dogs thanks to their elliptical, faster-adjusting pupil.

So cats would process visual information faster than us. Whenever we place a 50-Hz television in front of them, the image will look much worse than for us.  There are some slow cats though, that would see a fine picture on such TV. If you want your cat to see a nice and clear image, get yourself an LCD TV right away.

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