Apoquel for Dogs: Uses, Dose, and Side Effects

Apoquel for dogs: uses, dose and side effects

Apoquel for dogs

Apoquel for Dogs is a drug used to treat itchiness in dogs. The drug is a bit controversial, to say the least. Veterinarians will prescribe it while other users are not willing to risk their pets to the side effects, which we’ll be taking a look at here.

What is Apoquel for Dogs?

Apoquel is the commercial name of the drug oclacitinib maleate, a compound that suppresses the itching sensation caused by skin conditions such as dermatitis.

When a dog is itching, it will do exactly what we do: scratch and scratch. But dogs scratch al the time. However, when the scratching is too frequent or he is already causing lesions on himself, it is probably time to go see the vet.

They will probably prescribe Apoquel for you to give your dog.

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What is the Dose that Must be Given?

You should never administer a drug to your pet without consulting with your vet, especially this one. The regular dose of Apoquel is 0.18 to 0.27 mg/lb of body weight.   This corresponds to a daily dose.

Depending on the weight of your dog, the veterinarian will make a prescription of one or two tablets a day.

Side Effects

As with any other drugs, Apoquel for dogs has potential side effects. Some rather mild effects include vomiting in dog, diarrhea in dog, and lethargy but they can be resolved with continued dosing.

The use of Apoquel for dogs also increases susceptibility to infections, especially demodicosis. There may also be some cutaneous and subcutaneous lumps forming.

The controversy over the use of Apoquel is the fact that it attacks the dog’s kinases, known as JAKs, which are special substances that cells use to communicate with each other. When this happens, the immune system of the dog, along with other systems, do not work properly.

We believe that you should use care when administering this drug to your pet. Always ask your veterinarian and make sure he is able to see your dog’s medical history. If you do not know where to take your pet, here in Dogalize we can help you locate one near you with our interactive map.  Visit us and discover all the other resources we have for you.