Costco Dog Food: what to look for in dog food

Costco Dog Food: what to look for in dog food

Costco Dog Food

You probably already have Costco on your shopping weekly ride. If you are heading there, you might want to read about Costco Dog food. The retail company does not produce their own dog food, they merely distribute it. The brand they distribute is Kirkland Signature, so we will be taking a look at this line of Costco dog food.

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About Costco dog food

As we stated before, Costco dog food relies on distributing Kirkland signature food all over their stores. Costco is probably not your first choice when it comes to dog food. However, Kirkland Signature is a reputable brand of dog food.

If you check on the online store, you will get around 12 different types of Costco dog food or Kirkland Signature. Those are your options and they are pretty good ones.

What you get from Costco dog food

There is a dog food for every need. Kirkland signature dog food is recommended because it helps build strong bones and gives your dog a shiny coat. Their formula is usually free of grains.

The puppy formula consists of chicken, rice, and vegetables. This formula is great for dogs above 12 weeks. You can find it in Costco at a very good price. Then, the adult dog formula is appropriate for dogs after 1 year. It provides all the essential nutrients your pet needs to grow strong and healthy.

But it does not stop there. Costco dog food offers a variety of options depending on the type of nutrition your dog needs. For instance, the adult formula is usually also chicken, rice, and vegetables. But there is also an option containing lamb instead of chicken.

The line of Nature Domain offers food that either contains salmon, turkey, beef, organic chicken, along with vegetables. The mature dog formula is specifically designed for senior dogs.

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