Big Cats: The Largest Domestic Felines

big cats

Big Cats: The Largest Domestic Felines

Big Cats: The Largest Domestic Felines – If your mantra is “the bigger – the better”, then you definitively want to take a look at this list of big cats. Now, we are not talking about the seven big cats, but actually some of the largest domestic cat breeds.

We gathered a list of big cats for you to take a look. These will take a large space in your house and in your heart.

American Bobtail

You know how in every classroom in school there was always a clown. Behold the clown of the cat classroom. This large ones are sociable with humans and make great pets. Perhaps the best part is that they are not dependent on you, so they are not so high-maintenance.

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How about big cats to cuddle with and that will hug you back? Yes, please! The Ragdoll was born to cuddle. He is not called that for nothing!

These snugglers, with an average of 18 pounds are one of the largest cat breeds. They also resemble dogs in that they are smart and friendly.


The Ragamuffin is an expert at winning our hearts thanks to their mellow personalities. Another reason why you want one of these is their “teddy bear” appearance that include a plush coat and expressive eyes.

If you have or get to have one, we recommend you keep them indoors. They will have no problem at any stranger picking them up and putting them in their truck.


These powerful big cats are smart and entertaining. He comes from a very ancient line of cats. His origins can be traced back to 1000 AD. They like to be around humans and are generally very close to them.

Egyptian Mau

This is the big cat that Egyptians worshiped and represented in many of their artistic work. They are remarkable thanks to their piercing green eyes, black markings, and elegance. Keep this one in a very clean environment, especially her litter box.

Have you decided on one yet? They are all so likable and we know it is a tough choice. Here, in Dogalize, we want you to have the best experience taking care of your feline. We have plenty of resources for you to take advantage of. Visit us to learn more.