Lost Hamster: how find your pet

lost hamster

Hamsters are cute, adorable, fluffy, fun to watch play, and small. This is where the problem begins, they are pretty small, meaning that they can easily get lost in the house. Finding them requires a series of techniques we will show you in this “how to find a lost hamster” guide.

Lost hamster: how to find in familiar places

The first obvious step is to look for in your hamster’s favorite spots. But he will not stay there forever, so start your search as soon as you realize he has gone MIA.

Begin with the areas close to the cage and then move away from there. Check behind books, shelves, under furniture, cushions, etc.

Now, try the box-like spaces such as drawers, cabinets, even boxes that you use to store stuff. Proceed with bags, backpacks, purses, and shoes.

Try behind and under the water heater or any other warm place that he might have gone to. Also, check for any holes or spaces under cupboards through which your hamster might fit.

Lost hamster: how to track down your pet

If you went up and down the house unsuccessfully, don’t give up! Now, the next step in how to find a lost hamster is to try and track his steps. Admittedly, this is no easy task but following some pointers might get you there.

First, remove any potential danger and hazard in your house. Chances are your hamster is moving freely and elusive. You do not want him getting hurt.

Now, place treats around the house on places you believe your hamster might be roaming and monitor them. If they disappear you know you are on the right track! Keep in mind that hamster mostly moves at night.

Sprinkle some flour around the treats to give you a better idea of his movements. A set of footprints will lead you to his hiding place. Once you track him, put some treats inside the cage to lure him. If you are lucky he will come back in.

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