Tips for adopting a cat: what new parents should know

Expert tips for adopting a cat: What new parents should know

Expert tips for adopting a cat

You have already cat-proofed your house as well as prepared your heart and soul. The excitement of bringing your new kittie home is joyously overwhelming. Now, all you need is some tips for adopting a cat. Adopting a cat should not be a hassle but there are some things you should take into consideration before jumping in with both feet. Luckily, we have some expert tips for adopting a cat to help you out.

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Prepare the special spot

Cats are territorial and they will feel uncomfortable and even stressed when they enter a new territory. Prepare a special spot for them that they can eventually call home. This includes the cat litter box, cat toys, cat food and water, all in a quiet place.

Consider your allergies

You would be surprised at how many people are allergic to cat dander or saliva. It is a good idea to have everyone in your family exposed to a cat. If they develop itchy eyes and begin to sneeze frequently, then maybe bringing in a cat is not a good idea.

Go to a reputable shelter

Before going for an adoption, consider visiting several shelters to asses yourself on the condition of the place and the cats in there. If there are too many sick cats in a shelter, make questions about why. Talk to the people in the shelter about how much they know about the cats they are taking care of. If a shelter does not behavior assessment or test them for cat disease are not able to provide you with enough information.

Realize what it means to have a cat

Cats live a long time. We are talking about a companion that will sit next to you for the following 15 to 20 years. Besides this, consider that a cat represents an approximate expense of $1000 annually.

Bringing in a new cat home is definitively exciting. Follow the above tips for adopting a cat and you should be successful. In Dogalize, we can help with that and even with the caring of your new pet. Visit us to learn more.