Cat Bed: Are you Looking For it? We Can Help you

Looking For a Cat Bed? We Can Help.

Looking For a Cat Bed?

Here’s everything you need to know if you are planning on buying a cat bed for your kitty. Because cats are the ultimate snoozers and you need to get him something worthy of royalty, as it belongs to him. Now, between pet stores, Internet, catalogs, and online stores, choices seem endless.

It is important that you do not go for looks only, as we usually do. Cats will not care about aesthetics more than what they care about comfort.

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Basics to Look at on a Cat Bed

Now, the first thing to look for is quality and safety. So check the following list:

  • If the cat comes unassembled, make sure it has instructions on how to assemble it included;
  • Make sure it’s washable, otherwise you might draw fleas and ticks;
  • Verify that it is non-toxic;
  • Measure your cat from head to tail and make sure the cat bed is large enough for stretching. However, do not make it too big as cats also like to have a cozy place to cuddle;
  • Make sure that your cat will not tip when jumping on it while it is in the cat tree. Usually, cats are weighed to determine this;
  • If you have an elderly cat, try to buy a heated one; they make wonders for arthritis during winter;
  • Make sure your cat can get in and out of the cat bed safely and easily.

Where to Place the Cat Bed

The best place for your cat bed is somewhere quiet, away from noise, cozy, and private.  Cats have a very high esteem of the place where they rest. The location of the bed should be cool during summer and warm during winter.

To find out what area of the house the cat is more comfortable with, place the cat furniture in different places and observe his reaction. If you have a house with two or more levels, considering placing a bed on every level.

Once you have determined what is going to stay more comfortable for your cat, go ahead and focus on looks. Pick one that matches the tree and/or the background.

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