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Dog insurance

Dog Insurance and how do You Get one

Dog Insurance It turns out to be an emergency since you see your pet having convulsions as you ride inside the ambulance.  It is necessary then to bring him to the veterinarian immediately. You wish you had a dog insurance. The verdict: Your dog w…

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she and her cat

She and Her Cat: Their Standing Points

She and Her Cat She and Her Cat is a five-minute Japanese animation created and directed by Makoto Shinkai in 1999.  In English, the story is subtitled "Their Standing Points" and it tells the story of the relationship between a male cat and his f…

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most expensive dog

Most Expensive Dog in the World: who is him?

Most Expensive Dog If you are feeling like wasting some serious amount of money in a rather majestic pooch that you would have to pay a bodyguard for, then check out this.  The most expensive dog in the world is more expensive than a Ferrari.  Ok,…

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Top Cat: The American Animated Series

Top Cat This is definitively a blast from the past for those who were children during the late 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and even 1990s. Top Cat was an American animated series that ran from September 27, 1961, to April 18, 1962.  It ran 30 episodes on…

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Love Cats? Here's an Idea: Cat Wallpaper

Love Cats? Here’s an Idea: Cat Wallpaper

Cat Wallpaper Since you love cats and can´t get enough of them, you probably already have a cat wallpaper on your computer.  It really cheers you up early in the morning when you get down to your 9 to 5. Today, we will simply share some ideas for …

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dog treat recipes

Dog Treat Recipes: how to Show Him Your Love

Dog Treat Recipes When it comes to treating our pooches, we have plenty of choices.  Or, basically, we have all commercial options at the store.  These products need to be preserved in good conditions and, therefore, have preservatives.  We have p…

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Why do Dogs Howl?: 7 Reasons to explain it

Why do Dogs Howl? Ever wondered why do dogs howl?  Well, there are many reasons for it.  In fact, howling is one way for dogs to communicate.   They do this to call attention, as a sign of boredom, or to announce they are coming. Some dogs even ho…

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