Castor Bean Poisoning, (Ricinus) in Dogs and Cats

Castor Bean Poisoning

Castor Bean Poisoning – These plants actually look beautiful and will decorate any nice backyard. However, if you own a dog or a cat, castor bean (Ricinus) should not be in your decorating line. This plant is poisonous to pets and cause a set of symptoms. If your dog is naughty and ruccus, chances are he will be chewing on the leaves of the plants.

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Castor Bean Poisoning: Toxicity of Ricinus in Pets

The level of toxicity for dogs and cats of the beans of the castor bean goes from mild to moderate. In very severe cases, it can cause death.

According to the ASPCA, this castor bean plant is poisonous to dogs, cats, and horses. It is precisely the ricin protein that is particularly dangerous. These exist all over the plant so it is important to keep your pup and kittie anywhere away from it.

Castor Bean Poisoning: Dangerous effects of Ricinus to You Pet

Make sure that your pet does not go anywhere near a Castor beans plant, and especially that he does not eat any part of it.

The most common signs of poisoning by Ricinus are:

These symptoms will not appear within a day or two after taking the plant. Some of them take between 12 and 36 hours.

Any or partially any of the symptoms require you to call the veterinarian as soon as possible. Most of the time, it will need a prescription from the doctor. It is imperative that you follow advice as your pooch might be suffering. Take it in your hands to keep him as away from pain as possoble.

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Image credits: pixabay